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We Solemnly Sim...

That We Are Up To No Good

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GREETINGS, everyone. This is a community made to honor the preciousness that is i_solemnly_sim, a Marauder Sims journal done by o_deanna. We feel it our duty to fangirl and squee about their cuteness and wonderfulness, so please, do feel free to join us.

1. NO STEALING. If you see a graphic you'd like to use, simply comment on the post to tell the graphic artist and credit him or her.
2. Always, always, always credit i_solemnly_sim for her wonderful Sim-work. We're here praising her, afterall.
3. No hotlinking, please. Just use PhotoBucket if you need a hosting site.
4. During discussion, no cruel bashing of other people or characters. There's a difference between teasing and bashing. Let's try and control ourselves, yes?
5. Absolutely NO bashing of i_solemnly_sim in any way, shape, or form...not that I see how you could possibly want to.
6. Graphics, squeeing, requests, and discussion about or pertaining to i_solemnly_sim is allowed, but please refrain from posting things about anything else. For example, don't pimp out your LOTR community here.
7. If you post a batch of icons with more than three icons in it, please use an LJ cut.
8. Have fun!

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